Sales Administration

Digiby understands the challenges involved in creating a high-quality RFI or RFP given the constraints on Sales personnel’s time. Our Sales Administration services are offered to add value in this area and increase your chances of winning opportunities.

RFI Management

Although in most cases, the Request for Information is followed by an Request for Proposal, the quality of response to a RFI can be a deal-clincher. Digiby’s RFI writers can help create insightful and comprehensive RFI documents as against typical, cookie-cutter responses provided by most companies.

RFP Management

Digiby's team of RFP experts can guide you with relevant insights while submitting an RFP, and even compile the document for you if required. Our RFP writers come from Sales and Marketing backgrounds and have the necessary expertise to articulate your USP or differentiators succinctly and creatively.

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