Account Management

Digiby appreciates the constraints faced by marketing departments in the face of new technology paradigms. That is why, we offer Custom Integration Services to seamlessly connect various front-end and back-end marketing tools. From deployment to adoption to ongoing administration, we provide a complete solution. We will help:

Account Mapping

Identifying key decision-makers and engaging them through inbound activities like email marketing, social media engagement, invites to Webinars, etc.

Account Administration

We will Find & Merge Duplicate Records, De-duplicate Records (Auto- merge duplicates) and resolve conflicts in de-duplication.

Contact Management

This involves account creation, deletion, ensuring there are no duplicates, and all the necessary information has been captured.

We help you in...

Get 360 degree view of prospects and customers.

Align your selling strategies with buyer's motivations, better.

Uncover hidden opportunities for mutual value.

Navigate through buyer organization smoothly.

Increase opportunities for cross-selling and up-selling.

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