An important aspect of Marketing Operations is Operational Analytics. Operational Reports help you understand:

The usability of your Marketing information: Helps you identify parameters such as:

Marketing information

Marketing initiatives vs. Revenue attribution: This tracks various parameters such as:

Revenue Attribution

To make the above tasks simple and your reporting effective, Digiby offers comprehensive Marketing Reports & Analytics which covers:

Measurement: We help you measure the performance of all your campaigns and create dashboards with comprehensive views.

Custom Reporting: Our timely Custom Reporting helps you take quick and informed decisions to enhance campaign results.

Campaign Attribution Analytics:: Our Salesforce-specific Attribution methods are customized to your business. They help you determine overall contribution from marketing operations to pipeline and revenue.

Revenue Cycle Analytics:: We offer Marketo revenue-cycle analytics for reporting that's customized to your business. This helps you analyze specific funnel statistics at the campaign level, such as position and time-to- convert.

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