As one of the earliest adopters and innovators in the Marketing Automation space, Digiby has witnessed first-hand the evolution of Marketing Automation tools in the last decade or more. Having built expertise in popular, third-party Sales and Marketing Automation tools, and a couple of our own indigenous systems, we bring rare insights into the Lead Management process.

Accordingly, we can deploy Customer Lead Lifecycle Solutions to automate your marketing workflows and make your Sales and Marketing efforts more effective.


Lead Life Cycle

Having a mature Lead Lifecycle Management solution from Digiby will eliminate hassles such as duplicates, low quality leads, untraceable leads, prolonged sales-cycles, etc. This helps shorten your sales cycles and generate more wins than was previously possible.

Our Lead Lifecycle Management solutions are built for the long-term. They factor the right mix of Process maturity, Quality control, Technology tools and Feedback mechanisms. This ensures maximum impact for and ROI from - your Sales and Marketing operations.

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