Have your Marketing Operations become more complex with time?

Are you constantly under duress to create more impactful marketing campaigns?

Does your Marketing suffer from fragmented view of campaign and customer data?

Are the number of tools used by your Marketing too many to manage?

Are your Marketing systems working in silos with poor or no integration between them?

Digiby appreciates the constraints faced by marketing departments in the face of new technology paradigms. That is why, we offer Custom Integration Services to seamlessly connect various front-end and back-end marketing tools. From deployment to adoption to ongoing administration, we provide a complete solution. We will help:


Integrate existing marketing systems with 3rd-party applications, CRM softwares and Content Management Systems (CMS)


Integrate email, social media platforms, billing and support apps for a complete customerss view and data for smarter selling


Migrate records, databases and automated campaigns from CRM softwares into our solution so that your data is always current

Benefits of Integration

Current and comprehensive Marketing data

Quicker, more agile and responsive Marketing teams

360 degree view of prospects and customers

Ease of creating relevant dashboards for Top Management

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