Demand generation
Demand Generation


  • What is Demand Generation?


The practice of introducing your organization’s product and services through strategies and tactics to create quality leads.


  • Why Someone needs Demand Generation?


In the ever-changing marketplace organizations now need to employed customer-centered approach to secure leads in high quantity with high quality.


  • When to do Demand Generation?


Demand Generation asks for targeted marketing programs through communication and engagement with the leads in order to create long lasting relationships and brand loyalty.Thus Demand Generation should always be employed for the long-term benefit of the organization.

We at Digiby believe that Customers pivot businesses to success. To captivate the customer through multiple interactions and excite the customer about an organization’s product and services is the core idea of Demand Generation. At Digiby we aim at motivating the demand generation efforts for a better brand reach and product promotion. What makes our Demand Generation methods different from others are the continuous touchpoints and interactions with customers for a life long relationship. As the universe of marketing expands, so does the strategy to maneuver personalized lead approach. Our Demand Generation strategy is a deep dive into customer research, market trends and personalized customer approach. All this, when synced with Digbiy’s creativity, leads to success and better customer engagement.