customer lifecycle
Customer Lifecycle Management




  • What is Customer Lifecycle Management?


Customer Lifecycle Management is defined as creating, cultivating and constantly improving any organization’s relationship with its clients.


  • Why Someone needs Customer Lifecycle Management?


In order to maintain an everlasting relationship with customers and to track any organization’s growth and progress by choosing the right metrics.


  • When to do Customer Lifecycle Management?


It is inevitable to employ Customer Lifecycle Management for any organization to improve customer service and customer experience. It’s a continuous process and should start from the first touchpoint with any lead.

A precision led analysis of customer data for a set period of time to access the performance of a business is the core theme of Customer Lifecycle Management. The progression steps of a customer through consideration to conversion and maintaining loyalty to a product or service define a proficient Customer Lifecycle Management matrix. Using the customer lifecycle and customer lifetime value offers several benefits, among others regarding budgeting, segmentation, prioritization and different circumstances where the “health” of the organization can be forecasted – and improved. From Reach, Acquisition, Conversion, Retention to Loyalty customer lifecycle is a model of multiple interactions and customer engagement patterns. Digiby offers a closed loop analysis of every peer attached to an organization’s product for a valuable business upgrade and to expand your customer outreach.