content strategy


Many of older marketing strategies focus on short term goal and it’s completely okay if your ROI is positive. The problem with such marketing tactics is that they work for short periods of weeks or month.

To get long term benefit out of your campaigns and increase their staying power, marketers need to complement with other marketing tactics like SEO, Social Media Marketing. These are generally Inbound marketing methods which attract active users.

Most Useful of these methods are the long-term Content Marketing strategy. Whatever campaign marketers are running, they can always complement it with effective content.

Content serves both users and marketers very well. While marketers provide content, the user takes it in return of their precious time. Content helps in Building relationship with leads, Brand Building, SEO, Lead generation by encouraging users to subscribe to your posts.

But, you just can not serve anything to any user at any time! It should be relevant to them, it should be served at right time,  it should attract as well as interact with users. And, that need an effective, solid content strategy.

We at Digiby, aim to provide long term planned and strategized content marketing tactics for maximum engagement with users. We believe in relation building with users by serving them at right time with right content.