Mobile Engagement


Today’s always-connected audiences want to interact in real time with enterprises. And they want contextual experiences that offer real value when they shop, work and play.

Digiby leads the way in helping companies make this mobile engagement possible, and realizing the power of mobile across an organization. We help the enterprise to work on mobile strategy and the implementation. Digiby can help you establish and maintain in-the-moment relationships that engage customers and improve service.

A team of best-in-class experts to secure the success of your mobile marketing campaigns:

Our Marketing Consulting Services Team (MCS) will develop, launch and run the most efficient push / pull campaigns on your app to make them as relevant and enjoyable as possible for your customers.

A team of experts powering key enablers

Implementing multiple-channel management solutions: push notifications, pull mode via browsing a catalog of offers and Smart Messages for a maximum reach; and a powerful campaign management server in SaaS mode.

Benefits for consumers:

  • Smart App: Experience intuitive and time-saving mobile push notifications with minimal loading time
  • Receive app notifications with personalized and contextualized information or promotional offers
  • Access to tailored services, info, alerting, redirection to a call center to make my life easier
  • A seamless & innovative all-in-one solution for discovering new apps selected by my operator, redeeming coupon and shopping via mobile.