data management


In this era of data-driven marketing, your marketing automation effectiveness is only as good as the customer data that you have.

Incorrect, inaccurate and obsolete data compromise efforts of your marketing team more than anything else. Erroneous data prevents your marketing organization from playing a pivotal role in revenue attribution as well as it could have.

In the worst case, inaccurate data end up in leading your marketing processes to damage your customer relationships.

Numerous surveys have shown that customers are ‘annoyed’ and have ‘reduced’ faith in the organization to do a good job when they get irrelevant product information.

The irony is that most of the organizations don’t have a data owner position in place. Marketing and IT organizations keep squabbling over who is responsible for the sanity of the customer data. This internal misalignment leads to potential revenue losses nobody thinks about.

No wonder, marketers need to play a more active role in data management.

We at Digiby strongly believe in the power that clean data holds in contributing to the revenue of the organization. Our consultants with deep domain knowledge and hyper-analytical ability have created proprietary frameworks for marketing data management to help improve customer engagement and customer experience. This leads to happy customers and stronger pipeline and revenue for our clients.