content management


Content Management System

DIgiby has in-depth expertise in developing and delivering Web Content Management Solutions. Be it a highly interactive custom-built CMS for a brand website; a simple and user-friendly CMS for self-managed portal; or an enterprise-wide content management system, our content management offerings cover services and solutions for each requirement.


Our CMS solutions include:

  • Dynamic template integrations
  • Interactive Access control
  • Content maintenance features
  • Rich media management
  • Social media integration
  • Security for CMS and data protection
  • Workflow Management and Audit Trail for Content Publishing
  • Content collaboration
  • Content aggregation
  • Content syndication
  • Content versioning
  • Accessibility features
  • SEO Friendly CMS with meta tags for the web pages
  • In-built website traffic tracking and analysis system
  • Regular and easy archiving of web pages


Digiby has experience in multiple Enterprise Content Management Systems (ECMS) like:

  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Joomla
  • Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server
  • Liferay Portal
  • Acquia
  • OpenCMS


The Benefit to Clients

Through the Content Management practice, Digiby creates enterprise grade web content management solutions and deploys them as large-scale platforms for a wide range of industries. Enterprises need dynamic features that allow for content authoring, editing and approval workflows. With the content management solutions, we deploy, we ensure that businesses can deliver formally curated content with all checks and balances in place. In addition to facilitating content aggregation, collaboration, and syndication, our solutions also integrate version control, which helps editors easily revert to any previously saved versions.