about digiby
Who we are
Digiby believes that Marketing is the backbone of businesses. With a team of brilliant marketing minds and people across multiple functional areas in the digital space, we take pride in our commitment to deliver Growth & Success to our clients.
About Us
We are a next generation marketing consulting company with the mission of driving organization’s growth through superior customer engagement. We are the leader in marketing automation, advanced analytics and prescriptive reporting to help the market leaders grow their impact on sales. With our end-to-end capabilities, clients can bring us their biggest challenges knowing, we’ve got what it takes to bring a new business vision to life with digital.
Core Philosophy
Digiby is driven by three core values,
Being honest and transparent in our dealings with all the stakeholders – employees, customers, shareholders.
Showing respect and compassion for the individuals and communities involved in running the business.
Striving for excellence in everything we do.